How This Single Woman Sets the Table for Easter, under $10 bucks


This is my favorite time of year. I simply love Easter time and how it brings families like mine together. Although things have changed and find myself with more "framily", I'm more concious of traditions, new and old. I grew up in 100+ year-old church, with a praying grandmother, memorizing Easter speeches,wearing tulle-filled dresses and getting my hair "pressed & curled". 

My how things have changed...

One thing that stays the same is my need to surround myself with beautiful flowers... we ALWAYS took Easter pics in the yard  (or somebody's garden) near pansies or an Azela bush. There is no art to the selfie - werent these photos priceless?

My mother does it, my grandmothers did -now it's my turn... Tune in every week for some {eb} Weekender Inspiration


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My inner Martha Stewart… EverydayBrilliance again #flowerstagram #diyday #krogerflowerFriday #everyfriday

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Call it Tweaking or Rethinking, Changes Promise New Direction

Season's Greetings!
It's been a long time since I've posted here with updates -my bad, that's about to change! I'm calling it a "reflective season", but it's left behind a few actionable tasks on how I present Everyday Brilliance to the world and how I share myself with you. Believe it or not, I just didn't have a plan for managing the growth (or stall) of a brand. I don't know if I will ever be accustom to "hatching while others are watching" but real-time updates are essential to doing this thing right. The last two years have brought some exciting times and a few more challenging ones, both personally and professionally. Either way, I can't stop now...

So, in balancing this effort to grow with my brand, I must become more transparent. I've been offline for months developing lists, creating new tutorials, exploring funding opportunities, and last but most important of all, breaking up with old ideas and lack-luster attempts to grow too fast, too quick. First on my punch list is:

 1- Website domain change and update - here's what you will find at now... Love Weebly (if you need a quick website, email me); but I will be changing the host soon.
More to come...
It's going to be 'dope'. Promise.

Living & Launching ..."Eclectic Belle" {eb} Weddings

Everyday Brilliance continues a great partnership with Eleventh Hour Events for a one-day only bridal expo, Wedding Wishes, on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at North DeKalb Mall in metro Atlanta

 The free event features a bridal pop-up shop including affordable new wedding dresses, assortment of veils, head pieces, jewelry, bridesmaids dresses, and gifts. It's really an exciting opportunity to partner with local vendors- especially my good friend- Kenya Daniels at Eleventh Hour! You will continue to get updates here at Everyday Brilliance, but you should know that I am thrilled to launch "Eclectic Belle"! Eclectic Belle is a sophisticated life & style guide for women illuminating an authentic southern point-of-view in tastes, style, and soul of the south, just in a broader context. The "eclectic belle"reigns from anywhere in the world, but loves the character and charm of living graciously. More to come on the new identity, but the reveal of "Eclectic Belle" during our Wedding Wishes Bridal Expo is well worth you staying tune...learn more about my new Twitter handle @eclectic belle!

Part I: Dreaming of a Space: Color scheme - Pink and Gold

For months now, I've been designing a space {in my head} that is so wonderfully fabulous... I'm defining the function and space outlined in details of pink and gold! The inspiration board above captures many of the wonderful elements that I just love to see in a well put together room. Bold fat stripes, detailed ceilings, accessories styled with flare, most importantly, in colors that create harmony... The concept began a few months ago when I re-purposed this old side table from drab-to-fab:

The pink used in my initial piece is a magenta, partnered with a metallic gold. This table is available for purchase ! I've decided to focus on a different furniture arrangement  for the space and thought I would share a special offer to all Everyday Brilliance Facebook followers- $10 off {just LIKE the page, leave a comment, and snag it}!  No, seriously, if you want  it, grab it now- It's been on Etsy and it appears to be a favorite item for folks...
ok, back to this glamorous "fantasy" room of pink and gold goodness...
pic source

It's all in the details... And Lord knows, I've been collecting and transforming items week, after week! It's time I let you take a peek:

1. Vinyl covered bookshelves {DIY project}
Description: This small bookcase is a thirft store find- messy with cobwebs and scratches too deep to buff out... I simply covered the shelving unit with vinyl and upholstery tacks.

2.Side Table-to-Bar Cart {see more on bar styling}

Montana Gold
The most important ingredient of transforming any piece of furniture into something that you'll love is collecting great tools- Spray paint is my number one game changer! So much so, before skipping out of town last week for my birthday, I did something that ONLY I would LOVE... I spent a good 1 1/2 hours here:
SamFlax Art Store, Atlanta, GA

To choose a bag full of these! {Happy Birthday to me...! I was like a kid in a candy store}

I'll be back with Part II soon... let me know if it's worth posting tutorials for the projects I've shown here.
eb| Janelle

Today's Creative Blog

More To Come: Upcoming DIY projects and inspiration...

I'm drained from a wonderful weekend of wedding bliss {my brother and sister-n-law are now in DR}... but I've had ideas beyond DIY Wedding projects swarming around in my head for weeks now! My next project includes my "new favorite" color {beware, it changes often}- I'm seeing GREEN!
eb color of the week: kelly green

I found these chairs at a local vintage store; I'm desperately behind in completing new projects. Be these chairs are beautifully crafted.
When I'm out thrifting, I look for several things:
#1- real wood furniture,
#2- well built, well maintained pieces with few scratches,
#3- a price that allows me to tack on another 15-20% in refurbishing expenses, and
#4. lastly, items light enough for me to lift by myself when refinishing them!:)
These chairs are all of that!

Plan a great easy project over the Memorial Day holiday...pop out the seat, recover with your fav fabric and spruce up your space for the summer!

Now, back to the "kelly green" inspiration- I love these fabulous rooms!

Kitchen inspiration 
Living Room inspiration
  Entry Way

Bonus area for green accents: Bar Car! 

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DIY Decoration: Desperate for a BBQ {IN STYLE}

Gingham, pork, poultry, red & white, beer and wine... it's going to be a party, alright!
Here's a quick sneak peak at some of the decorations planned to make an appearance at the {BBQ Theme}Rehearsal Dinner this Friday!  I'm no wedding planner {see who I am}, but I am pretty good with making something from nothing... Check out a few frames that will be used on the welcome table with .99cent decorative gingham washi tape! See other washi tape projects and suppliers below!

Frames + Frame Mats + Tape +  Ribbon = Cuteness (all together, less thank $5 bucks).

What is Washi Tape? In short: It's great for decorating, arts and crafts and organizing, color coding especially. Just like masking tape, it WILL come off...unlike duct tape it DOES NOT leave a sticky mess.  Often it's translucent. You can find it in 1/4″ widths up to 2 1/2 inches.

PINTEREST SEARCH: "washi tape"

Washi Tape Projects

1. DIY Washi Tape Laptop Keyboard by Kira @ Her New Leaf
2. Mini Flag Garland, by Mini Moca
3. Mini cupcake toppers - easy peasy!
4. CD Pocket Envelope, tutorial by no big dill

Where to by washi tape?... ETSY, of course!

DIY Wedding Tutorial: Floral Monogram and Letters

Make a lasting impression without saying a word! A floral monogram is an extra detail that goes a long way! See how to make your own!

Here's what you need:

1. Identify your frame of choice, cut cardboard to size and place your block letter within frame to ensure that all pieces jive! I wanted the floral letter to feel three dimensional and not touch the borders of the frame. Initially, I eye-balled it by placing the frame over the shape, like so:

 2. Then trace the block letter onto your chosen background.
 {Tracing the letter} This should be done on top of the wrapping paper/fabric; instead of cardboard- I didn't do it that way:( But I tweaked that mishap later in the process:)!

 Johnathan Adler wrapping paper; great for behind the letter!

(photo: "M or W" it's all the same for this purpose:)

3. Cut styrofoam to shape! I used one block from Dollar Tree; I had to cut it in half in order to stretch out an "M". Remember: You could by a styrofoam sheet, too. In that case you could trace the letter onto the styrofoam sheet with a Sharpie and use contrasting flowers (see here) for your background. I, however, needed to stick to budget!:)
4.  Use hot glue or E6000 to apply styrofoam to your background surface. Hot glue works perfectly well for the cardboard. E-6000 is a stronger adhesive for other surfaces of choice!

No need to make a perfectly shaped letter, the flowers will cascade over the foam. 
You just need to build a sturdy based shape!

5. BAM! There's your base! Just clip your floral stems according to the depth of your styrofoam and pack in flowers tightly. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Pull petals away from stem and hot glue individually to keep the shape defined around the edges and corners of the styrofoam. Gently secure flowers on top by pushing into foam, allow them to cascade over the sides, and layer petals with hot glue on the sides. After you're done, remove any hot glue streams- pull out your hair dryer, blow 30-45 seconds and they disappear like magic!

Hydrangea petals from flower bouquets work well 
because there are multiple clusters per small stem.

6. Now for the FRAME: Spray paint it (lightly coat, layer-after-layer in long even strokes), let it dry.
7 Frame your "Letter" as you would a photo! Hang or use an easel to prop on table display!

If you use this tutorial I would love to see your projects too! 
Post a link in the comments  or share on Facebook, here!
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One Little Bridal Shower... Peace-by-Piece

My peace comes from a place within me that creates "pieces"! I love to design, to create, to challenge myself to figure out exactly "what to do with this piece or that piece" from my weekly visits to area thrift stores! Finally, after multiple attempts on center piece design (after design), I realized that I had already found and owned many of the things that would fit into this simple, yet elegant bridal shower design for my sister-in-law to be!

As you entered the foyer of the Fuqua Center (Augusta, GA- inbox me before you rent it!) the buffet on the left (not shown) featured multiple tiers of hydrangea topiaries; and on the right, what could be a nicer greeting than an assortment of Cami Cakes?! Thanks to Vonetta!

The night before the event, my mom helped me cover empty boxes with wrapping paper we purchased in post Christmas sales (75% off wrapping paper ya'll)! We stacked the boxes, tiered them according to height,and tied them with organza ribbon from Wal-Mart. This cute display became the center of the gift table! Why not take that motif a step further... I also picked up these cute (but worn) baby storage boxes that simply needed a little "eb|dust" sprinkled on them [and existing dust knocked off:)] ... like magic- these cute boxes became table decor!

Typically, every project starts with a few essential tools: two guns: glue and staple, spraypaint, and a measuring tape/ruler. But for weeks, I struggled in deciding how I would decorate this (budget-friendly) bridal shower. After multiple trips to Pier One, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's Fabrics and Micheals, I realized that my storage unit, car and closet held most of the yummie pieces to create a great day for my sister-n-law to be, meet Michon...

She's so cute! See her "M" below, also created from the two bags of hydrangeas 
I picked up on a Saturday morning stroll (thrifting, of course)!


Coming soon: 

 photo above: Michon and Janelle Lunsford,  Owner and Creator of Everyday Brilliance

Decor: Everyday Brilliance
Linens: Jon LaFete-Events Peeler
Photography: JoAnn Lunsford and Whitney Kate Photography

See more inspiration; I call it: "research". | (follow me) on Pinterest,

 Thanks for stopping by, if you are looking for event styling or design consultation, I'm your girl! These decorations and others will be available for purchase here soon. Available for shipping:
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