DIY Wedding Tutorial: Floral Monogram and Letters

Make a lasting impression without saying a word! A floral monogram is an extra detail that goes a long way! See how to make your own!

Here's what you need:

1. Identify your frame of choice, cut cardboard to size and place your block letter within frame to ensure that all pieces jive! I wanted the floral letter to feel three dimensional and not touch the borders of the frame. Initially, I eye-balled it by placing the frame over the shape, like so:

 2. Then trace the block letter onto your chosen background.
 {Tracing the letter} This should be done on top of the wrapping paper/fabric; instead of cardboard- I didn't do it that way:( But I tweaked that mishap later in the process:)!

 Johnathan Adler wrapping paper; great for behind the letter!

(photo: "M or W" it's all the same for this purpose:)

3. Cut styrofoam to shape! I used one block from Dollar Tree; I had to cut it in half in order to stretch out an "M". Remember: You could by a styrofoam sheet, too. In that case you could trace the letter onto the styrofoam sheet with a Sharpie and use contrasting flowers (see here) for your background. I, however, needed to stick to budget!:)
4.  Use hot glue or E6000 to apply styrofoam to your background surface. Hot glue works perfectly well for the cardboard. E-6000 is a stronger adhesive for other surfaces of choice!

No need to make a perfectly shaped letter, the flowers will cascade over the foam. 
You just need to build a sturdy based shape!

5. BAM! There's your base! Just clip your floral stems according to the depth of your styrofoam and pack in flowers tightly. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Pull petals away from stem and hot glue individually to keep the shape defined around the edges and corners of the styrofoam. Gently secure flowers on top by pushing into foam, allow them to cascade over the sides, and layer petals with hot glue on the sides. After you're done, remove any hot glue streams- pull out your hair dryer, blow 30-45 seconds and they disappear like magic!

Hydrangea petals from flower bouquets work well 
because there are multiple clusters per small stem.

6. Now for the FRAME: Spray paint it (lightly coat, layer-after-layer in long even strokes), let it dry.
7 Frame your "Letter" as you would a photo! Hang or use an easel to prop on table display!

If you use this tutorial I would love to see your projects too! 
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  1. This is so beautiful Janelle! And the tutorial is very well written and photographed. Terrific post!

    1. Kim, Thank you!! You've been so supportive! I've had a bride-to-be reach out to say she's trying it at her shower too! So cool!!! Thanks for encouraging me!

    2. Ooh at a shower! I love that idea! I would also love to link to this if you didn't mind, it's a fantastic tutorial and came out so pretty.

    3. Thanks Rachel! Please email me directly at if you have detail questions or need more information. I'm delighted that you want to share the link!! Please link on Facebook too- I can send more readers your way!