One Little Bridal Shower... Peace-by-Piece

My peace comes from a place within me that creates "pieces"! I love to design, to create, to challenge myself to figure out exactly "what to do with this piece or that piece" from my weekly visits to area thrift stores! Finally, after multiple attempts on center piece design (after design), I realized that I had already found and owned many of the things that would fit into this simple, yet elegant bridal shower design for my sister-in-law to be!

As you entered the foyer of the Fuqua Center (Augusta, GA- inbox me before you rent it!) the buffet on the left (not shown) featured multiple tiers of hydrangea topiaries; and on the right, what could be a nicer greeting than an assortment of Cami Cakes?! Thanks to Vonetta!

The night before the event, my mom helped me cover empty boxes with wrapping paper we purchased in post Christmas sales (75% off wrapping paper ya'll)! We stacked the boxes, tiered them according to height,and tied them with organza ribbon from Wal-Mart. This cute display became the center of the gift table! Why not take that motif a step further... I also picked up these cute (but worn) baby storage boxes that simply needed a little "eb|dust" sprinkled on them [and existing dust knocked off:)] ... like magic- these cute boxes became table decor!

Typically, every project starts with a few essential tools: two guns: glue and staple, spraypaint, and a measuring tape/ruler. But for weeks, I struggled in deciding how I would decorate this (budget-friendly) bridal shower. After multiple trips to Pier One, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's Fabrics and Micheals, I realized that my storage unit, car and closet held most of the yummie pieces to create a great day for my sister-n-law to be, meet Michon...

She's so cute! See her "M" below, also created from the two bags of hydrangeas 
I picked up on a Saturday morning stroll (thrifting, of course)!


Coming soon: 

 photo above: Michon and Janelle Lunsford,  Owner and Creator of Everyday Brilliance

Decor: Everyday Brilliance
Linens: Jon LaFete-Events Peeler
Photography: JoAnn Lunsford and Whitney Kate Photography

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  1. What a lovely and thoughtful event Janelle! I love the glammed up boxes and the monogram letter! Lovely details!

    1. Kim, Thank you! I am so excited to share - more details to come!