Part I: Dreaming of a Space: Color scheme - Pink and Gold

For months now, I've been designing a space {in my head} that is so wonderfully fabulous... I'm defining the function and space outlined in details of pink and gold! The inspiration board above captures many of the wonderful elements that I just love to see in a well put together room. Bold fat stripes, detailed ceilings, accessories styled with flare, most importantly, in colors that create harmony... The concept began a few months ago when I re-purposed this old side table from drab-to-fab:

The pink used in my initial piece is a magenta, partnered with a metallic gold. This table is available for purchase ! I've decided to focus on a different furniture arrangement  for the space and thought I would share a special offer to all Everyday Brilliance Facebook followers- $10 off {just LIKE the page, leave a comment, and snag it}!  No, seriously, if you want  it, grab it now- It's been on Etsy and it appears to be a favorite item for folks...
ok, back to this glamorous "fantasy" room of pink and gold goodness...
pic source

It's all in the details... And Lord knows, I've been collecting and transforming items week, after week! It's time I let you take a peek:

1. Vinyl covered bookshelves {DIY project}
Description: This small bookcase is a thirft store find- messy with cobwebs and scratches too deep to buff out... I simply covered the shelving unit with vinyl and upholstery tacks.

2.Side Table-to-Bar Cart {see more on bar styling}

Montana Gold
The most important ingredient of transforming any piece of furniture into something that you'll love is collecting great tools- Spray paint is my number one game changer! So much so, before skipping out of town last week for my birthday, I did something that ONLY I would LOVE... I spent a good 1 1/2 hours here:
SamFlax Art Store, Atlanta, GA

To choose a bag full of these! {Happy Birthday to me...! I was like a kid in a candy store}

I'll be back with Part II soon... let me know if it's worth posting tutorials for the projects I've shown here.
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